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Gas Processing Consulting


Specializing in All Aspects of Natural Gas Processing, Treating, Storage and Transportation


Representative Projects


A description of some of the major projects that C3 Resources has completed over the past several years is shown below:


v  Led PHA and PHA revalidations at approximately 20 separate facilities using HAZOP, checklist and what-if methods.  Types of facilities include gas processing plants, treating plants and gas storage facilities.

v  Overall regulatory compliance audits at numerous facilities for large gas processing company.

v  Performed detailed emission study at field compressor stations for flashing losses from tanks.

v  Overall PSM and RMP review/audit for approximately 25 gas processing facilities in Texas, Wyoming, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Alabama and Mississippi.  Subsequent work to meet 14 PSM guidelines for several gas processing facilities.

v  Overall safety and environmental responsibility for construction and operation of sour gas processing plant in Mississippi, including all PSM requirements, safety manual, DOT O&M manual, safety training, community outreach and startup assistance.

v  Overall EHS responsibility for several gas pipeline companies.

v  Project engineering for treating, gas processing and pipeline projects, from procurement and design through installation and startup.

v  Construct, operate and own pipeline gathering system in Louisiana.

v  Preparation of PSM operating and training manuals for several different gas processing companies.

v  Project management for installation of equipment to make low-sulfur natural gasoline at existing gas processing facility.

v  Title V renewals for several large gas processing facilities.

v  Preparation of air requirements manuals for gas processing plants to meet Title V requirements.

v  Review and preparation of SPCC plans for several oil and gas companies.

v  RMP public meetings for gas processing company.  Set up meetings, met with local emergency responders and neighbors near facility.  Planned the format and facilitated the public meetings.

v  Engineering study and detailed engineering for amine unit upgrade, vapor recovery project, hot oil system efficiency upgrade and liquid handling facilities for large gas plant in Texas.

v  Prepared PSM and OQ tests for gas plants and gas storage facilities.

v  Construct, operate and own dew point conditioning plant in Texas.

v  Economic evaluations for gas processing plants using proprietary economic model.

v  Post-acquisition preparation of air permits and SPCC plans for E&P Company.

v  Engineering for stabilizer upgrade at processing plant in Texas.

v  Preparation of comprehensive PSM operations and training manual for gas processing facilities.

v  Emission inventories for gas processing plants and compressor stations.

v  Perform hazard analysis of turbine installations worldwide.

v  Preparation of emergency response manuals for large pipeline and gas processing company, with subsequent training and drills.

v  Create operating procedures to meet PSM/RMP requirements at several gas storage facilities.

v  Prepare greenhouse gas emissions report for large gas processing company.

v  Overall DOT pipeline compliance for East Texas pipeline, and overall regulatory compliance audits at numerous facilities for large gas processing company.


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